Black Soul Vintage is curated by Tomarra Sankara-Kilombo. Black Soul intends to uplift and amplify African descendent history, through Black text, ephemera, art, clothing and home goods that inspire an afro-centric lifestyle while simultaneously promoting sustainability through preservation and re-use.

Inspired by Tomarra’s  grandmother, Frankie, and a deep reverence for the Black experience, Black Soul evokes the memory of growing up Black and participating in the culture from a unique vantage point. Black Soul feels like summers in Alabama, holding your ear and catching the holy ghost. It sounds like jazz on a car ride home with your father and your name being called from two blocks away when the street lights come on. It looks like your favorite aunties house, your grandmother's kitchen and your militant uncle's room upstairs. It smells like incense burning, Pump it Up! spritz and White Diamonds. It tastes like hot water bread, collard greens and homemade biscuits. 
Some things you see in Black Soul might sting a little like hot grease off the stove or fetching a switch but it still  wants to hold you close and slip you a dollar to go to the corner store. It wants you to remember and give respect. It wants you to re-imagine and re-define. It wants you to never ever forget.

90 Church Lane.
Philadelphia, PA, 19144

Last Saturday's June 2023 - August 2023 11pm - 3pm

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