3/5 of a Man

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3/5 of a Man

RARE, first edition hardcover printing of "3/5 of a Man" by Floyd McKissick. In excellent pre-loved condition. Dust jacket remains in good condition. No lines, notes or marks within. Wear and yellowing of pages consistent with age and very light use.

In 1969, McKissick published “3/5 of a Man”, his analysis of the race problem in the United States. McKissick believed the problem was primarily economic and that a redistribution of the nation's wealth was needed to enable Black people to share in the nation's prosperity. In the book, McKissick expressed his belief that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution already contained all the tools necessary to solve the nation's racial problems; they only had to be enforced.

The Author:
Floyd Bixler McKissick (1922-1991), Civil Rights activist, lawyer, founder of Soul City, author; born in -and with strong roots to- North Carolina. McKissick experienced prejudice early in life and quickly became cognizant of racial inequality. His awareness led him to decide to study law, to fight the inequalities he witnessed and experienced. Studying pre-law, as a young college student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia he became W.E.B. Du Bois' personal waiter and became influenced by Du Bois' emphatic positions.